A cross-platform Python library for differentiable programming of quantum computers. Train a quantum computer the same way as a neural network.

PennyLane is taking part in unitaryHACK.

A quantum open-source hackathon, running from May 14-30.
Win swag and claim bounties for contributing to open-source projects.

List of Issues
PennyLane supports a growing ecosystem, including a wide range of quantum hardware and machine learning libraries


Follow the gradient

The TensorFlow of quantum computing: built-in automatic differentiation of quantum circuits, using the near-term quantum devices directly. You can combine multiple quantum devices with classical processing arbitrarily!

Makes PyTorch and TensorFlow quantum

Support for hybrid quantum and classical models, and compatible with existing machine learning libraries. Quantum circuits can be set up to interface with either NumPy, PyTorch, JAX, or TensorFlow, allowing hybrid CPU-GPU-QPU computations.

Access all the devices

The same quantum circuit model can be run on different devices. Install plugins to run your computational circuits on more devices, including Strawberry Fields, Amazon Braket, Qiskit and IBM Q, Google Cirq, Rigetti Forest, and the Microsoft QDK